How To Check Your MOT & Service History

How To Check Your MOT & Service History

Struggling to remember when your MOT or Service is due? Or maybe you have just purchased a new car and you don't know any of it's history? Look no further, below we will dive right into how you can check both quickly!

Before delving into the process of checking your vehicle's MOT and service history, let's clarify what these terms entail:

What Is An MOT Test?

  • An MOT test is a legal requirement for most vehicles aged three years or older in the UK, ensuring they meet safety and environmental standards.
  • It examines various components of your vehicle, including lights, brakes, suspension, exhaust emissions, and more.
  • Typically conducted annually, passing the MOT test is essential for your vehicle's road legality and safety.

What Is Car Service History?

  • Service records document the maintenance and repairs performed on your vehicle over time.
  • Regular servicing helps maintain your car's performance, longevity, and resale value.
  • Service intervals vary depending on the manufacturer's recommendations, but they generally occur every 12 months or after a certain mileage threshold.

How Can I Check My Car MOT History?

  • The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) provides an online portal where you can check your vehicle's MOT history.
  • Visit the official website ( and enter your vehicle's registration number.
  • The system will display a detailed MOT history report, including previous test results, mileage readings, and any recorded defects or advisories.

How Can I Check My Car Service History?

Manufacturer's Records:

  • If your vehicle has been serviced at authorized dealerships, they should have comprehensive records of all maintenance activities.
  • Contact the dealership where you purchased the vehicle.
  • Provide your vehicle's details, such as the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) or registration number, to retrieve the service history.

Independent Garages:

  • If you've used independent garages for servicing, they should also maintain records of the work carried out on your vehicle.
  • Reach out to the garage where you last serviced your car and request a copy of your service history.
  • Ensure the records include details such as dates of service, mileage readings, and specific tasks performed.

Regularly checking your vehicle's MOT and service history is essential for ensuring compliance with legal requirements and maintaining your vehicle's roadworthiness.

If your vehicle requires an MOT or a Service, click here to schedule an appointment online at a time and date that accommodates your schedule.

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