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Registered Office; Woodyard Garage Ltd, 32E Heming Road, Washford Industrial Estate, Redditch Worcestershire B98 0DH

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We have been involved in motorsport for over 40 years through Hillclimbs, Off-Roading, Road Rallying and Stage Rallying.


We have been involved in the preparation of a range of vehicles and are always willing to undertake work, offer advice or just share our enthusiasm.



Next planned events; TBC - Covid spoiling most plans


26th September 2020 - MG Trial - Richard & Graham competing in Badger and Nigel & Richard Walker competing in Nigels KA.


17th May 2020 - Baby part 2! Rachel & Richard Walker welcome the arrival of Ruby!


20th March 2020 - Baby part 1! Richard & Amy welome the arrival of Phoebe!


19th January 2020 - Clee Hill Trial - Nigel & Graham competed in Nigel's first ever trial - finished 5th in class.


22nd & 23rd June 2019 - Prescott Hillclimb - Richard Walker out in his Jedi


16th June 2019 - Flying Fortress Stages - Graham & Nigel out with Graham back in the driving seat


11th May 2019 - Wedding Alert part 3!! Richard & Amy - The Wood Norton. The sun came out for the 3rd and final wedding for a bit (3 of us in a year + 1 week has been fairly intense!)


8th November 2018 - Wedding Alert part 2!! Nigel & Portia - Paphos, Cyprus - a relaxed day with family and friends followed by a fantastic party at back in the UK at Avoncroft Museum on 17th November. Finally Nigel 's white Subaru made an appearance - at the party!


7th October 2018 - The Harold Palin Memorial Stages, Fulbeck. Nigel driving Grahams car, all was going well until a puncture on stage 4 cost them a lot of time. Finished 17th overall


9th September 2018 - Knutsford Targa. Richard Walker driving his Mk 2 Escort, navigated by Nigel. Finished 10th in class, 12th overall.


5th August 2018 - Phoenix Stages, Fulbeck. Cancelled after stage 2 due to a field fire.


22nd July 2018 - Twyford Wood Stages - Nigel again driving Grahams car. An eventful day with a a misbehaving shock absorber. Finished 13th overall.


17th June 2018 - The Flying Fortress Stages - Nigel driving Grahams car as his was awaiting a turbo repair. Finished 25th overall after an early finish for the event after stage 6, due to an accident had by another competitor. We wish the crew a speedy recovery.


5th May 2018 - Wedding Alert!! Rachel & Richard Walker - Gorcott Hall - what started off as Richard needing a navigator 6 years down the line has led to marriage. A fabulously fun day complete with bouncy castle and space hoppers.


Quinton Motor Club 2017 Awards


East Midlands Awards 2017 - Graham collected an award for 1st Driver in Class 5 for unsealed surface events.


8th October 2017 - The Harold Palin Memorial Stages -  Graham driving the blue Subaru with Nigel co-driving. First time back at Fulbeck since Graham & Rachel rolled their previous Subaru, back in August 2012. Stayed on all four wheels this time and finished 16th overall, 12th in class.


3rd September 2017 - Vale of York Stages - Graham driving the blue Subaru with Nigel co-driving. A dusty day with a fantastic entry of some amazing cars! Finished 26th overall, 19th in class.


16th July 2017 - Twyford Wood Stages - Graham driving the blue Subaru with Nigel co-driving. Finished 11th overall, 3rd in class.


2nd July 2017 - Holrus Targa Rally - Richard Walker out for the first time in his Mk2 Escort, navigated by Rachel. A very wet day but we got a fleeting moment of fame on the welsh rally programme Ralio!! Finished 25th overall, 5th in class


28th May 2017 - Red Dragon I.T. Stages - Nigel driving the white Subaru, with Graham co-driving. Retired :-(


14th May 2017 - John Overend Memorial Rally - Graham back in the driving seat of the blue Subaru, with Nigel co-driving. Finished 17th overall


29th April 2017 - The Corinium Stages, Down Ampney - Nigel driving his Subaru for the first time with Graham in the co-drivers seat. Finished 11th overall, 3rd in class.


2nd April 2017 - Lookout Stages Rally, Melbourne Airfield - Graham & Nigel out in the blue subaru. Finished 11th overall, 6th in class.


24th & 25th September 2016 - Loton Park Hillclimb. Richad Walker out in the Swallow.


14th & 15th May 2016 - Loton Park Hillclimb. Richard Walker out in the Swallow.


Sunday 24th January 2016 - 2016 Clee Hills Trial - Richard & Graham out in Richard's Bradbury Special, 'Badger'. A cold but enjoyable day.


5th & 6th September 2015 - British Championships Weekend, Prescott Hill Climb. Richard Walker back out in the swallow after having resolved the cars issues from Shelsley Walsh, he completed the meeting getting quicker each run.


15th & 16th August 2015 - Shelsley Championship Challenge - Richard Walker driving his recently acquired Swallow for the first time at Shelsley Walsh. Completed first practise, but found a couple of issues that need resolving and decided not to do any further runs.


19th July 2015 - Twyford Wood Stages Rally (new date) - Graham & Rachel out in the Subaru, a rough day with a fight to get the car repaired and back out after damage to the o/s/f suspension. Finished 13th overall, 9th in class


28th June 2015 - Flying Fortress Stages, Grafton Underwood - Graham & Rachel out in the Subaru, finished 18th overall, 9th in class.


7th June 2015 - Twyford Wood Stages Rally - Graham & Rachel out in the Subaru - postponed due to problem with the venue.


23rd May 2015 - Red Dragon I.T. Stages, Down Ampney - Graham out in the blue Subaru with Nigel back in the co-drivers seat. Finished 17th overall, 4th in class.


16th & 17th May 2015 - Richard Walker out in the Ginetta at another local hillclimb, Loton Park, Shrewsbury.


2nd & 3rd May 2015 - Only a week later Richard back out in the Ginetta, at Shelsley Walsh this time.


25th & 26th April 2015 - Richard Walker out at Prescott Hill Climb in his Ginetta for the first round of the Midland Hill Climb Championship.


26th March 2015 - A days testing at Curborough for Graham with the Subaru & Richard Walker with his Ginetta.


20th February 2015 - Quinton Motor Club Awards 2014 - Unfortunately 'team Woodyard' were unable to attend the awards due to prior family commitments. Many thanks to Pete Cotton for accepting them on our behalf. Rachel suceeded in getting The Chairmans Trophy for Ladies Champion for the 4th year running. Rachel also achieved the Gary Pinel Memorial Trophy for winning Club Challenge and 1st Road Rally Navigator. Richard Walker achieved 1st Coupe 'D' Elan, 1st Road Rally Driver, 2nd Club Challenge & for Overall Club Champion, The HFS Crank Trophy.



6th/7th December 2014 - Telford Novice Road Rally - Rachel & Richard out in the reqently acquired Peugeot 205. A successful evening, finished 7th overall, highest placed family crew.


10th August 2014 - Carfax Stages, Throckmorton - Graham and Rachel had an incredibly wet day in the Subaru. Finished 35th overall, 7th in class.


26th & 27th April 2014 - Ross Endurance Rally - Rachel & Richard out in the Suzuki Swift. Finished 14th overall, 2nd in class


Qunton Motor Club Awards 2013 - Rachel collected awards for Club Challenge 1st Lady, The Chairmans Trophy for Ladies Champion.


19th January 2014 - Clee Hill Trial - The two Richards (Williams & Walker) out for the first time in Richards recently acquired Bradbury Special, 'Badger'. The first time the car has been used in over 20 years and did pretty well too, winning their class and getting in local papers & mentioned on the web, Ludlow Advertiser, & Shelsley Walsh


5th January 2014 Grand Pier Rally Sprint - starting early this year!! - Graham and Rachel out in the blue Subaru for it's first event. Finished 10th overall.


12th/13th October 2013 - Roamerlite Novice Road Rally - Rachel & Richard Walker back out in the Suzuki Swift after almost a year. Finished 17th overall, 14th in class.


Nigel's RS200 is awaiting a trip to the bodyshop after a full engine rebuild.

Graham has aquired another Subaru, see our Facebook page for regular updates.


13th April 2013 - Horiba D'Isis - Nigel in the RS2000 with a change of co-driver, Richard Walker standing in for Portia finished 30th overall and 18th in their class. Ahead of Graham & Rachel for the majority of the day, Nigel & Richard had an incredibly lucky minor brush with the armco which easily could have been a major incident. Graham & Rachel in the Subaru had a more successful time when it began to rain finishing 28th overall, 9th in class a mere 4 seconds ahead of Nigel & Richard. Graham & Rachel won the award for Best Quinton Crew.


17th March 2013 - AGBO Stages - Nigel & Portia out in the RS200 finished 40th overall, 19th in class.


Quinton Motor Club Awards 2012 - Graham collected an award for 2nd Single Venue Driver. Nigel collected an award for 3rd Single Venue Driver. Rachel collected awards for 2nd Single Venue Co-Driver, the Gary Pinel Memorial Trophy as a joint award with Richard Walker for winning the Club Challenge, Club Challenge 1st Lady, The Chairmans Trophy for Ladies Champion and the HFS Crank Trophy for winning the Overall Championship.


Rainworth Skoda EMAMC Single Venue Stage Rally Championship 2012 - Class 5, 3rd Driver - Graham Williams & Class 5, 2nd Co-Driver - Rachel Williams


AWMMC Heart of England Stage Rally Championship 2012 - Nigel 1st overall Driver & Portia 1st overall Co-driver. Nigel also winning 1st overall competitor under 25 & Portia winning 1st overall lady competitor.


17th/18th November 2012 - Peak Revs Road Rally - Richard Walker & Rachel out in the Suzuki Swift. A challenging night, finished 56th overall, 4th in class.


27th October 2012 - Fat Albert Stages. Graham & Rachel out in the Subaru, sadly retired after stage 3 having lost 1st gear and the turbo failing.


13th/14th October 2012 - Roamerlite Telford Novice (Road Rally), Rachel & Richard Walker in the Suzuki Swift, lost some time breaking down 150 metres from the final control after going through deep water but finished 13th in class, 17th overall.


30th September 2012 - Patriot Stages, Caerwent - Nigel & Portia in the RS2000, finished 19th in class and 43rd overall.


29th/30th September 2012 - Mercian Road Rally. Richard Walker & Rachel finished 2nd in class, 24th overall.


19th August 2012 - Centenary Stages at Barkston Heath. Nigel & Portia in the RS2000, finished 30th overall, 13th in class. Nothing short of a miracle, 2 weeks after rolling at Fulbeck Graham & Rachel in the Subaru finished 32nd overall, 9th in class.


5th August 2012 - Jane Cowling Memorial Phoenix Stages Rally, Fulbeck Airfield. A sad day for Graham & Rachel out in the Subaru. Rolled SS5 and retired, rollcage undamaged but shell not quite the same shape.


26th May 2012 - Red Dragon I.T. Stages at Down Ampney for Nigel and Potia in the RS2000. Finished 20th overall, 7th in class.


6th May 2012 - Rainworth Skoda Hallamshire Stages, Graham and Rachel out in the Subaru finished 9th overall, 6th in class. Rachel collected an award for 1st lady co-driver.


21st April 2012 - Horiba D'Isis at Mira for Nigel, Portia in the RS2000, finished 30th overall, 14th in class.


25th March 2012 - Agbo at Weston Park. Nigel, with Graham navigating for him in the RS2000 finished 31st overall.


18th March 2012 - The Flying Fortress Stages, Grafton Underwood. Graham & Rachel in the Subaru finished 16th overall, 7th in class.


13th March 2012 - Quinton Motor Club Awards 2011 - Nigel collected an award for 2nd single venue driver. Rachel collected an award for 1st lady in the club championship and the clubs lady champion rosebowl trophy.


25th/26th February 2012 - Starlight Road Rally, starting in Wombourne - Rachel's first road rally! Navigating for Richard Walker in his newly acquired Suzuki Swift. Finished 13th overall and won an award for best mixed crew.


5th February 2012 - Eastwood Stages at Mallory Park - Graham and Rachel out in the Subaru in the snow! Finished 10th overall and 5th in class.


29th October 2011 - Fat Albert Stages at Keevil Airfield - Graham and Rachel back out in the Subaru, now with an STi engine fitted. Finished 23rd overall, 7th in class.


16th April 2011 - Horiba D'Isis at Mira - Graham & Rachel's first time out in a Subaru Impreza WRX prepared over the winter months proved too much for the engine, putting a rod through the block on SS4. Nigel & Portia out in the RS2000 suffered oil starvation problems throughout the day and then a split oil cooler, finished 31st overall & 14th in class. The day would not have been as sucessful with out the efforts of the service crew; Andy & Wayne Fisher, Pete & Luke Trevena who were awarded the Wilbur Award for 'Best Service Crew of the Event'.


27th March 2011 - Fast Impressions Tour of Caerwent - Nigel & Portia out in the RS2000. On the Escort's second event it had a tough time against Caerwent's notorious kerbs and a brick wall. Finishing 39th overall & 6th in class.


22nd March 2011 - Quinton Motor Club Awards 2010 - Nigel collected the tropy for 1st single venue driver, Graham collected an award for 3rd single venue driver and Rachel collected an award for 2nd single venue co-driver.


20th March 2011 - Agbo at Weston Park - Rachel co-drove for David Steven Goffe in his ex-works MG ZR.


20th November 2010 - JJ Stanley Conractors Malvern Showground Stages - Nigel & Portia's first event in Nigel's newly aquired RS2000, finished 54th overall, 11th in class.


8th August 2010 - Ditton Priors - Graham & Rachel out in the Mini, damaged several wheels & destroyed some tyres, finished 7th in class & 26th overall. Nigel & Portia retired on SS2 due to a puncture, bent lower arm & colapsed wheel bearing.


17th April 2010 - Horiba D'Isis - Nigel & Portia competed in the 106 in Portias first rally, unfortunately retiring on SS6 with a broken driveshaft. Graham & Rachel competed in the Mini, also broke a driveshaft on SS6. The service crew managed to do a speedy repair and they finished 5th in class & 45th overall.


2009 Quinton Motor Club Awards Graham collected 1st single venue co-driver award, Heart of England Rally Championship 2009 Graham collected 3rd class A co-driver.


21st March 2010 - Nigel & Graham competed in the Agbo at Weston Park, finishing 6th in class, 44th overall


7th February 2010 - 4 X 4  funday at Buildwas Leisure, Ironbridge


22nd November 2009 - Day playing in the mud at Aston Cantlow


27th September 2009 - Nigel and Graham out in the 106 again, at the Patriot Stages, Caerwent.


9th August 2009 - Nigel took his Puegeot out to test its new engine at RAF Barkston Heath for the Centenary Stages but unfortunately didn't get a finish.


July 2009 - Nigels Peugeot 106 currently undergoing an engine swap - no excuses for not being faster now!


4th April 2009 - Nigel and Graham competed in the Puegeot 106 at Mira in the Horiba D'isis. Finished 4th in class, 48th overall.


28th September 2008 - Nigel and Graham competed in Nigel's recently aquired Peugeot 106. Finished 6th in class and 58th overall.


12th April 2008 - Competed in Horiba D'Isis Stages in Heart of England Championship. Finished 10th in class and 49th overall.


2007 - Graham collected an award for the Heart of England Championship 2007, Class D 1st overall co-driver. Swapping seats from the previous year when 2006, he collected Class A 3rd overall driver.


In 2006 Heart of England Championship Nigel scooped Class A 2nd overall co-driver and 1st under 21's ovearll co-driver



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