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Air Conditioning

We are able to offer air conditioning recharge (re-gassing), servicing, air conditioning parts fitting, and repair of car and small commercials fitted with the R134a system.


Over time your vehicles air conditioning can become less efficient.

Most manufacturers recommend an air con service every 2 years.


Having your air conditioning reguarly serviced has more benefits than just making it cooler in the summer;

•Helps keep windows free of condensation in winter

•Reduces the level of pollution entering the vehicle

•Prevents allergens entering the vehicle ie. for hayfever sufferers


Before and after a regas our technicians make a note of the vent temperature so you can see the temperature difference. We can also tell you how much gas your vehicle has lost based on the amount we have extracted and how much it needs to work most efficiently.


Air con regas/recharge service - £68 incl vat

Extraction of existing gas, system vacuumed & refilled with manufacturers specified amount of gas.

Air Conditioning health check carried out including a UV leak detection dye.

Note; Pollen filter can be replaced at cost of filter


Anti-Bacterial treatment - additional £12 incl vat

To combat bacteria and unpleasant odours




All air con extraction/recharge is carried out at Woodyard Garage Limited, Heming Road, Washford Industrial Estate, Redditch Worcs. B98 ODH